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You can order the product via our web store. The prices of digital voice amplifiers and various package solutions are given in the web store. Payment is by credit card, alternatively cash-on-delivery. The package is sent to the address you give on the form in the web store, which has to be your national registration address (this is to avoid some other person ordering products in your name and having them delivered to another address).

If you wish to hire a digital voice amplifier, the minimum period is three (3) months. During the hire period you are responsible for the product and you return it in the same package. There may also be places that hire out in your local area, through company health care. Please email us if you are interested in hiring, and we will tell you where the closest place is to hire. You can take out personal insurance for the voice amplifier during the hire period.
If you would like to lease or buy several voice amplifiers at the same time – contact us by email and tell us whether you have been in contact with us or a retailer of ours at the same time.

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