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Terms Of Purchase

You can order via our webshop, via email at
or by telephone +46(0)0723-33 15 19. An order confirmation will be sent to the email address given.
If you do not receive any confirmation, you must contact us. To order, you must be 18 years of age or over, or alternatively have approval by a guardian. If you have ordered by mistake you must contact us immediately.

Payment terms
Payment for goods is by cash-on-delivery or alternatively against invoice, payment terms 10 days
• In the case of cash-on-delivery, the customer fetches the package from the post office or postal delivery place, or alternatively direct from the carrier.

Payment by credit card.
You can choose to pay online with your Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard. You will then receive an advice in your letterbox with which you can fetch your package from the postal location stated on the advice. There is no extra charge if you pay by credit card. You can only order to your national registration address if you choose to pay by credit card. We reserve the right to investigate to make sure that the address to which you have ordered is your national registration address, if it is not correct we retain the right to cancel your purchase. When you purchase from the site, a purchase sum will be reserved in your card or bank account. If your card is connected to a bank account, this may be shown in different ways in your bank statement, depending on how your bank chooses to show the reservation.

All prices stated include Swedish VAT, which at present is 25 percent.
VAT-registered companies in Europe do not pay any VAT.
For Norway, there are separate customs regulations (Import duty).

Delivery time
The normal delivery time is 2-5 days, depending on where you live in the country.
To the rest of Europe it normally takes 3-8 days, some deviation may occur.

Mode of delivery
All products are delivered from our own warehouse. This is performed using Posten Företagspaket or Postpaket. With Postpaket you collect yourself from the post office or the post office partner during normal opening hours. Note that in the case of cash-on-delivery, the package must be paid for when it is fetched.

Freight costs
We have various freight costs, all of which are based on the post office rates and depend on the weight and size of the item.

Open purchase
We always have a 14-day period of open purchase/right of return! The product must be returned in its original packing and not be damaged. The receipt or copy of invoice must always accompany it. The customer shall always pay the return freight. Returns sent by cash-on-delivery will not be collected. For the purchase to be cancelled, the item must be with us within these 14 days.

Packages not fetched
There will be a charge of SEK 400:- for a package not fetched. This is invoiced in arrears. If payment is not received within the required time, the demand is always sent for collection, there are no exceptions!

Unless otherwise stated, we have a 12-month warranty period for material and manufacturing faults in our products. For the warranty to be valid, the product must have been handled in a normal way and not subjected to abnormal stress. The product must not have been dismantled or broken, as the warranty does not apply if you have opened up the product.
In the case of carelessness or incorrect handling, the warranty does not apply. Nor does the warranty apply for lightning strike or similar weather effects.
Invoice/Receipt for the paid item is valid as a warranty certificate. In the case of warranty and other service matters, the customer always pays the freight to service and we or the service workshop pay the freight back to the customer.

We reserve our right in respect of mistakes in price list and content on the website.

Nordic customers
We deliver to customers throughout Europe. However, there are special rules that apply in the case of deliveries to other countries than Sweden. Customers in Norway who live close to the Swedish border should preferably order the package poste restante.
In that case, the package is fetched from a Swedish post office and avoids expensive, slow transport. Contact us if you are ordering from some other country than Sweden.

Hire terms and conditions
Separate hire terms and conditions are available upon request.

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