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Applying for an aid

Because the digital voice amplifier from Voxema is an aid, we contacted and consulted the Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology, as the correct channel to reach the country’s aid centres, so that they can provide it. Each respective county council decides which means of assistance can and shall be offered to individual patients.

You can apply for an aid with a prescription from a municipality or county council. Contact your nearest care provider or community health centre and they will help you. As regards a digital voice amplifier, the prescription shall normally be from a speech therapist; nowadays a doctor usually signs the prescription as well.
Then you will receive the aid free of charge for a shorter or longer period of time.

If you have had treatment for your voice and also have some form of certificate concerning your voice problem, this will make it easier and faster to obtain a digital voice amplifier on prescription.

Regulations and the choice of an aid can vary between health centres.

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