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Do you have a product which needs to be repaired?
For us to help you as quickly as possible, we need some information from you:

• A description of what is wrong with the product, by all means your own observations as to why or how the problem may have occurred. Have you checked that the product works with some other microphone?
• State the contact person, and telephone number or other means for contacting the contact person.
• Delivery address, so that we know where to send the product after it has been repaired.
• Invoicing address if it is not covered by the warranty.
• Other information which you can provide is your reference number, your customer number or other information which you think can make things easier for us.

Send us the above information with the product, and before sending it, email the same information to us.
If you have questions, please phone us on +46 (0)21-338 01 70.

Send the product to:

Voxema AB
c/o Solarit AB
Humlegatan 27A
SE-72226 Västerås
Tel. 021-338 01 70

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