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The Voxema voice amplifier is portable. You can use it indoors and outdoors. It tolerates heat and cold. It is also designed to be water-repellent. Because there are two different modes, i.e., settings – one for whispering speech and the other for normal speech tone, you can choose what is best for each situation.
For example, the setting for whispering speech can be used at a conference table.
Instead of raising and lowering your voice in different situations, you use the stepless sound of the voice amplifier. So the voice is not strained – pressure on the voice is relieved.

Your voice reaches the listener better when speech is clearer and free from smacking sounds and background noise. The sound can be made louder or quieter as required. You will be clearly heard even in a large room. External speakers can be connected to the voice amplifier, allowing your voice to be heard even more clearly.

In future versions, wireless connections to speakers and mobile telephone will be offered.

You can use the voice amplifier in a car, classroom, conference, in a shop – wherever you are. You download it like a mobile phone and the battery will last an entire day for normal conversation without needing to be recharged.

It is easy to start using the digital voice amplifier. Charge the battery, hang the voice amplifier on yourself (or attach it with a clip to an item of clothing or belt), set it to the right speech level and adjust the sound level.

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